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Why me?

Practical approach - balancing theory with practical tools.  

Business driven - balancing business, team and individuals needs.

Love people  - everyone is special and unique.

Leading - starts with knowing yourself, then how you play with others



Jason is an experienced and impactful coaching professional. He has the ability to dig a little deeper within the individual and the organization. Jason is a change maker, who will not leave anyone cold.

He encourages, challenges and inspires!

I value and appreciate Jason and his work.

Vesa Ristikangas
CEO, BoMentis Oy


Meeting Jason made me realise what a powerful tool coaching can be. I had just started as a team leader when I met Jason and we had many conversations about people, business, leadership and self-development which impacted how I saw my role as a manager. Jason knows a great deal about how businesses and organizations work, but in my opinion his true talent is understanding people.

I would recommend anyone who wants to become a better leader to get in touch with Jason.

Susanna Nenonen
Manager, Global Engineering company

Jason is a pleasure to work with. He is always positive, insightful and solution oriented. He is pragmatic, experienced HRD who builds the strategic.
People Development agenda grounded in the business context. Jason is a trusted partner who I can warmly recommend.


Mika “Vidi” Videman
CHRO, Fazer Group 2011-2018

A Classic Leadership Approach with a Twist

Are you a leader? In today's world, leadership goes beyond traditional roles and titles. An expert, a team member, or a team lead can all embody leadership qualities. Leadership is not merely a job title bestowed upon you by a company's organizational structure; it is a state of mind. Each day, we must all lead ourselves. We make choices about how we organize our time and who we spend it with.

This short video emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in enabling better decision-making. When you know yourself well, you can make informed choices about balancing multiple teams and various business goals.

Remember, it all starts with you!



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